Fiji elections: Voting villagers say they ‘want a government that can help us’

Nalati Ragolea (standing) with other Malake Villagers on their way to cast their vote at the Island
Nalati Ragolea (standing) with other Malake villagers on their way to cast their vote at the Island yesterday. Image: Baljeet Singh/The Fiji Times

By Repeka Nasiko in Suva

Malake villagers in the Ra of western Fiji have flocked to their polling station eager to vote for a government who will have the interests of their community.

Nailati Rogolea, who ferried his entire family yesterday on a fiberglass boat to Malake Island from their settlement in Naria, said choosing the next government that could address issues they faced was important to his family.

“We want to choose someone that will not only listen to their people but also look after them,” he said.


“The previous government has been good. They have done a lot but there is still a lot to be done to help us.

“For example, I am a boat owner and this is my main source of income.

“There is no proper jetty at the Malake landing where my people often come to rest and wait for the next boat to take them to the island.

“We have waves coming into the village and threatening houses near the shore.

Every day life affected
“Some of these things are affecting every day life in the village.

“So we need someone that will help us get the work done.”

Also accompanying Rogolea was Inise Verevune who agreed that the Malake jetty did not have proper facilities to cater for their people.

“We need a place to come and rest while waiting for our boat to the island,” he said.

“This is why I wanted to come and vote.

“I want a government that can help us.”

Repeka Nasiko is a Fiji Times reporter. Republished with permission.

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