Bryan Bruce: So, it’s Queen’s Birthday weekend … and the paradox that brings

Queen's Birthday 2021
Queen's Birthday Weekend ... It’s a holiday! Enjoy! Relax ! Except… of course, if you are working. Image: APR

COMMENT: By Bryan Bruce

So, it’s Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Except… it’s not her birthday.

She was actually born on 21 April 1926.

Moving the reigning monarch’s birthday celebration to another day began with George II back in 1748 who was born in November and thought it was too cold in his kingdom to party outdoors that time of year.

So that’s why the Queen’s official birthday bash is usually held on a Saturday in June when it’s warmer in the UK.

Except… it’s colder in New Zealand.

This year it’s officially June 13.

Except… not in New Zealand which is also known as Aotearoa

Except… you won’t find our country called Aotearoa in our Constitution Act (1986) despite the fact that te reo Māori is one of our three official languages.

A Constitution?
We have a Constitution?

Yes we do.

Except… it’s not a written one like in the United States.

Ours sets out a framework of governance in a law, because it arguably makes it easier to change all our other laws to match our beliefs about what’s right and wrong as they change over time.

Except.. some people say this is not a good idea.

Be that as it may, Queen Elizabeth II is our current Head Of State.

Except…she was 95 last April and she did say once she was going to step down when she reached that age and hand over to Charles.

Except.. she’s changed her mind.

Some say that when her reign is over we should become a republic.

Except… if the Crown no longer existed how would that affect the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi rights?


.. maybe that’s why the British sing “God Save the Queen!” so loudly at official events.
Except… which god are they talking about, given the UK is now a multicultural country in which the majority say they no longer believe in the existence of the omnipresent, omniscient, punishing (yet loving) masculine God of the Bible?

Oh… but what the hey …

It’s a holiday!

Enjoy! Relax !

Except… of course, if you are working.

Like me.

Asia Pacific Report republishes occasional commentaries by journalist and documentary maker Bryan Bruce with permission. This commentary was first published by The Daily Blog.

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