‘Step up’ over Carterets food crisis, PNG minister warns rich nations

Carteret Islands
Carteret Islands ... PNG Climate Minister Wera Mori "horrified" by food security crisis. Image: Darren James/ABC/APR screenshot

By Richard Ewart on ABC’s Pacific Beat

Papua New Guinea’s Minister for Climate Change is calling on the international community to take responsibility for a food security crisis in the Carteret Islands, and some of the other remote atolls of Bougainville.

Minister Wera Mori recently returned from a fact finding mission to the region and he was “horrified” by what he saw.

He said the PNG government was taking steps to ensure that food could be grown elsewhere, and supplies to those who need them were maintained.

But he said that in the long term, industrialised nations, which he accused of causing the climate change related crisis in the first place, needed to step in and assist with measures to prevent the islands from slipping any further under the waves.

“One of the big islands, part of it has been covered by the sea, so basically now instead of one island, you have two,” Mori told ABC’s Pacific Beat.

“Parts of Bougainville, south-east of Solomon Islands … we have coastlines that have been washed away.”

Republished from ABC Pacific Beat.

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