Paris climate agreement ‘still best avenue’ for solutions, says Forum


The European Union and China step up climate collaboration. Video: Al Jazeera

Pacific Media Centre News Desk

The Pacific Islands Forum remains committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change and has commended all countries reaffirming their support.

The Forum announced this in the wake of US President Donald Trump’s notice of withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

“Being some of the most vulnerable states globally and at the forefront of the adverse impacts of climate change, island countries are now more determined and committed to taking serious action to address climate change and remain steadfast on our obligations under the Paris Agreement,” says Forum Chair Peter Christian, who is also President of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Pacific Islands countries collectively contribute a mere 0.003 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions although the region is at the frontline of a deteriorating environment and the “devastating manifestations” of climate change over the past three years, a Forum statement said.

President Christian reaffirmed that the Paris Agreement offered the best global platform of unity among nations to address the causes of climate change and the way forward.

“The US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is not surprising as President Trump had made known his intentions to jettison United States’ environment for the sake of his economy,” President Christian said.

“We who are most vulnerable must become more committed to the principal that the Paris Agreement is still our best avenue to finding solutions to slow down and eventually stop the damage to climate and environment.

“Global leadership on climate change is at a critical juncture.

“The Pacific Islands Forum will continue to support Forum Member Fiji’s COP 23 Presidency and will continue working with others who are committed to the Paris Agreement to address the greatest emergency for our planet to date.”

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