Uniforce guards upset over ‘surprise’ police takeover at UPNG

Police on UPNG camous at Waigani yesterday. Image: PNG Today

Uniforce security guards at the University of Papua New Guinea campus say the administration has overlooked their role by bringing in the police force into the campus without informing them.

The guards criticised this move as “unprofessional” and said it demeaned the integrity of the Uniforce, which is charged with upholding security on campus.

The guards, who did not want to be named, said they were taken by surprise and felt things could have been worse if the guards had tried to block off the police when they took control of the campus before dawn on Tuesday.

“The UPNG administration risked the lives of the guards that were minding the gate as all those 40 police vehicles drove straight through the stop sign with the cone and the guards that were standing at the gate” he said.

The UPNG administration announced on Monday that the police had been called in to maintain security on the Waigani and Taurama campuses.

The university is into its third week of unrest with students demanding that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill step down and cooperate with a police investigation into corruption allegations.

UPNG security guards allege police used ‘heavy handed force’ on campus

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