PNG has ‘gone to the dogs’, says lawyer calling on new MPs to step up

Goiye Kondago
Message for the village people ... “It is painful to tell you" about this crisis. Image: PNG Post-Courier

By Concy Simon of the PNG Post-Courier

Leadership of Papua New Guinea has “gone to the dogs” represented by a rapid increase in prices of goods and services and the “worst national election” ever, says a lawyer.

Lawyer Goiye Kondago made the crtiticism during the official declaration of Kerenga Kua as MP-elect for Sinasina-Yongomugl in Kundiawa, Chimbu Province.

He pointed out Papua New Guinea’s “worrisome economic state” was being felt at family level.

“Goods and services tax (GST) seemed to be doubled up within a year with reasons unknown to you, the simple people in the village,” he said.

“Our kina seems to have a very low value compared to other currencies while our country is still rich with mineral resources which is supposed be the solution to such economic crisis at hand, rather than GST.

“It is painful to tell you this but we are in this situation.

“However, election time is when we bet our lives to appoint leaders who should form a good government to better manage our country’s current economic downfall.

‘Now or never’
“It is now or never.”

He thanked the people of Sinasina-Yongomugl for having trust in Kua’s leadership and re-elected him to serve for the third term.

He urged Kua’s supporters not to retaliate on any “troublesome attempt” by opposing candidates and to maintain peace and order.

Pangu Pati’s Prime Minister James Marape has been re-elected prime minister with a unanimous vote.

Concy Simon is a PNG Post-Courier reporter. Republished with permission.

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