New Caledonia’s pro-independence parties choose for French elections

Wali Wahetra (second left) and fellow election candidate Gerard Reignier (right)
Wali Wahetra (second left) and fellow election candidate Gerard Reignier (right) ... contesting the French National Assembly elections next month for Kanaky New Caledonia's pro-independence parties. Image: RNZ

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The pro-independence coalition parties of Kanaky New Caledonia have selected their candidates for the French Legislative elections next month.

Wali Wahetra from the Palika Party is standing in one electoral district, and Gerard Reignier from Union Caledonienne is standing in the other.

Speaking with La Premiere, Wahetra explained what the New Caledonian pro-independence coalition will demand from the French National Assembly.

“The ability for New Caledonia to have full sovereignty. The maintenance of New Caledonia on the list of decolonised territories, and a status among the republic of France,” she said.

New Caledonia elects two representatives for the Assembly.

The anti-independence parties aligned to President Emmanuel Macron have selected their candidates — Philippe Dunoyer of the Caledonia Together Party and Nicolas Metzdorf, the leader of the Generations NC party.

Another anti-independence group, Rassemblement nominated its candidates last month — Thierry Santa and Virginie Ruffenach.

The two seats had been held by Dunoyer and Philippe Gomes, a former New Caledonian president who decided against standing for another term.

Dunoyer said they support French President Emmanuel Macron and wanted to be a local variant of his party.

Since 1986 no deputy has represented a pro-independence party at the French National Assembly.

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