Fiji breach at quarantine ‘an incident waiting to happen’ as new cases cited

Dr James Fong
Dr James Fong ... praised community support for tracing 310 people who are now in quarantine. Image: Lice Movono

Asia Pacific Report newsdesk

Fiji Health Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong says the breach at the quarantine facility in Nadi was an incident waiting to happen.

He was reported saying this by Fiji Village News as reports of random announcements of new cases were being made with journalists citing 10 active cases in Fiji.

The quarantine facility was an operation run by human beings and no quarantine process in the world had been 100 percent full proof, Dr Fong said.

He said that every single quarantine system in the world had been breached.

He added that the ministry had got a lot of community support on the first night of operations when officials were looking for 310 people that were now in quarantine.

Dr Fong said Rosie Holidays gave them vehicles and told them to use them while Pacific Destinations told them they would go anywhere to help the ministry reach those people.

He said there were other people who came forward with help and this assistance allowed them to secure the 310 people in 12 hours which was a “huge achievement”.

Containment plan
The ministry’s biggest priority at the moment was getting the containment plan working and the exercise of going through the whole of Lautoka and Nadi was a huge logistical exercise.

He also said there would be 19 screening locations in the Central Division by tomorrow and locations were also being set up in the Northern Division.

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