Caribbean researcher tells of her work with NZ migrant community


Anabel Fernandez-Santana and Dr Camille Nakhid in the AUT research video.

Pacific Media Centre Newsdesk

Anabel Fernandez-Santana, who has been awarded an vice-chancellor’s scholarship at Auckland University of Technology to complete her doctorate, talks about her groundbreaking research.

Her research focuses on the fact that the Caribbean community is one of the small migrant groups in New Zealand.

As such they have limited their access to cultural products and spaces linked to their home culture.

Fernandez-Santana’s research is an exploration of how this could lead to an adaptation of the cultural resources available in their host country of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

She is developing a culturally relevant research methodology to investigate this phenomenon.

Her supervisor is AUT social scientist Associate Professor Camille Nakhid, herself from Trinidad and Tobago and a champion of Caribbean culture and research. Dr Nakhid is also the advisory board chair of AUT’s Pacific Media Centre, which is dedicated to diversity research.

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