‘Rize of Morning Star’ boosts global ‘free Papua’ movement with new video


The new video Sorong Samara. Video: The Rize Of The Morning Star

While Indonesian authorities tried to brutally suppress West papua “independence day” rallies across the republic this week, the creative empowerment group Rize of the Morning Star (ROTMS) has been campaigning with passion, determination and focus.

A new video, Sorong Samarai, from the group is rapidly raising global awareness for the Free West Papua Movement, with self determination through non-violence a core focus.

Filmed on location from the tip of West Papua (Sorong) to the tip of Papua New Guinea (Samarai), producers Airiliki say the programme features from from the highlands to the islands, and the bush to the city streets.

“Sorong Samarai….One People, One Soul, One Destiny. A celebration of Papuan Identity, fighting for a free West Papua.”

Using music as a key unifier and amplifier of energy and action, ROTMS has successfully organised some of the largest scale international Free West Papua solidarity actions so far.

According to the ROTMS website, the group “engages in a broad cross section of activity including mobilising, training and resourcing community, fund raising, concerts, partnerships, publicity, promotion and educating predominantly through the arts and entertainment industry”.

Activating a collective of musicians, filmmakers, journalists, publicists, activists, companies, brands and the wider community, ROTMS inspires and empowers individuals and communities to uphold equal rights for human beings, hold persecutors accountable and to play an integral role in the global momentum for a Free West Papua.

Papua Merdeka!

Let the light shine into the darkness, for the dawning of a new day comes, with the Rize Of The Morning Star!

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