Local PNG leader sets deadline to start LNG negotiations


By Peter S. Kinjap in Port Moresby

Businessman and landowner leader of Hides PDL 1 of the PNG LNG Project, Larry Andagali, has set a deadline for government officials to meet with landowners and address the demands that have led to the lock down of the Project this week.

Andagali called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and senior government ministers to be in Hides Nogoli camp before August, 12, 2016 to start the negotiation process.

He has issued a media release and said Hides landowners will not re-open until the Licensed Based Benefit Sharing Agreement (LBBSA) is reviewed and a new agreement is negotiated and executed.

O’Neill confirmed he is away of the issue and would send a ministerial government team to meet with disgruntled landowners in Hides.

The PNG LNG Project sites were locked down this week with landowners demanding the government pay overdue royalties that are owed to them.

The group have cut down trees to block the roads and stop vehicles from entering into the project site.

Andagali said all Hides wellheads will remain closed until landowners and people of Hela get their fair share of the PNG LNG Project.

‘This time around we are now calling on ExxonMobil as an operator to come as a party on their community investment programs and sponsorship programs for Hides and Hela children,’ he said.

In the meantime he has called on the people of Hides to remain calm and protect the LNG project facilities without using any form of force and weapons.

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