Forum Fisheries Agency seeks answers to American withdrawal in Pacific

Image: Pacific Guardians

The Forum Fisheries Agency says a series of meetings in Fiji this week will attempt to find solutions for Pacific nations reeling from the withdrawal of America from their tuna fisheries.

The United States pulled out of the US Pacific islands fisheries treaty last month which could deprive Pacific nations of US$89 million of income this year.

The FFA Director-General, James Movick, said the meetings in Nadi would focus on other countries able to take the fishing days that America refused to buy.

Movick said:

“That would enable countries to sell those days at a price probably not as high as we had expected to receive from the US, but nevertheless to be able to sell some of the days they now have available in order to have some income this year for the days the US can not, or says it can not, purchase at this time.”

Movick said FFA members might also discuss renegotiating terms with the US to resume fishing this year.

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