Bougainville has first draft of new home grown constitution

Bougainville's earlier constitution
Bougainville's earlier constitution . . . the autonomous region's version completed in 2004. Image: ABG screenshot APR

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Two years after beginning consultations, the Bougainville Constitutional Planning Commission has released its first draft of a home grown constitution.

Bougainville expects to become independent of Papua New Guinea within three years and writing a constitution is a key part of that process.

The draft constitution is the result of 40 commissioners travelling throughout Bougainville to garner the people’s views.

The flag of Bougainville
The flag of Bougainville first designed by Marilyn Havini in 1975. Image: ABG

The commissioners included women, youth and former combatants, and church representatives.

The data collected by the commissioners was then compiled into a draft constitution by Australian National University professor Anthony Regan and Katy le Roy.

President Ishmael Toroama welcomed the first draft but said work is still needed to fine tune the document.

A final first draft is expected next month.

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Members of the Bougainville Constitutional Planning Commission.
Members of the Bougainville Constitutional Planning Commission . . . wide consultations. Image: ABG
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