NZ person with covid-19 isolating at home found dead in Auckland

NZ covid-19 delta variant
New Zealand's covid-19 delta variant outbreak ... health and public safety updates. Image: RNZ

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A person with covid-19 self isolating in New Zealand has been found dead.

The person was found dead in Auckland by a family member visiting them today.

They had tested positive for covid-19 on October 24 and had been isolating at home in Manukau with public health oversight.

Manurewa-Papakura Ward councillor Daniel Newman has called the death a tragic example of the toll that the pandemic is having on South Auckland.

The Ministry of Health said that currently the cause of death was unknown and it may have been covid-19 or some other cause.

The death will be referred to the Coroner, it said.

New Zealand has recorded 28 covid-19 deaths since the pandemic began. If covid is confirmed as the cause of this death, it would bring the total to 29.

Almost 700 self-isolating at home
Nearly 700 people are self isolating at home in Auckland, with the total number of active cases in the region now more than 1900.

There were 97 new community cases in Auckland today, and the city is now dealing with 1904 active cases.

Three more cases in Waikato took the total to 100.

The ministry said public health officials were now supporting 692 cases to safely isolate at home.

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