Has the new world order failed? UN calls for new global deal


Not everyone is in the same boat! Video: Al Jazeera

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United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres argues that inequality starts at the top and has called for a new global deal.

Not everyone is in the same boat. The 26 richest people in the world hold as much wealth as half its population, reports Al Jazeera’s Inside Story.

Life chances depend on gender, race and whether a person has a disability. These global inequalities are being made worse by the coronavirus pandemic, and the world is reaching its “breaking point”.

That is the bleak reality laid bare by Guterres, who delivered one of his most hard-hitting messages on Saturday.

He said disparities start with the biggest institutions and they should be eradicated under a new model of global governance that guarantees a fair share of wealth, opportunity and power.

But how is that possible? And does the pandemic offer a chance for change?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan
Max Lawson – head of inequality policy at Oxfam
Jayati Ghosh – international development economist and professor
Alexander Deane – former chief of staff to ex-UK Prime Minister David Cameron

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