PNG claims ‘nothing sinister’, no broken protocols on Chinese flight

Deputy Pandemic Controller Dr Paison Dakulala ... nothing wrong with the flight. Image: Post-Courier

Pacific Media Centre Newsdesk

The Papua New Guinea government is adamant no immigration laws, airport and covid-19 protocols – including national security – were breached when a Chinese businessman and his entourage were allowed in the country, reports the PNG Post-Courier.

Deputy Pandemic Controller Dr Paison Dakulala said yesterday that, as stated by Prime Minister James Marape and Pandemic Controller David Manning, there was nothing sinister or wrong with the flight and the business trip.

The US$368,992 chartered flight to PNG was to bring a K1 million worth of PPE presented by a business tycoon Chen Mailin, he said.

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Meanwhile, RNZ News reports that PNG has reported its 11th positive covid-19 case – linked to the Murray military barracks in the capital of Port Moresby.

Restrictions could be introduced after tests revealed the case, a close contact of case number 10, a member of the PNG Defence Force who works at the the Murray Barracks.

Chen Mailin was now in Vancouver, Canada, after the tycoon’s team had been in PNG at the invitation of the PNG government and top business contacts, reports Gorethy Kenneth of the Post-Courier.

The team – comprising Cao Yu, Chen Mailin, Hui Ngok Lun and Wong Da Hao Andy and its flight crew Amell, Susan Amaryllis, Brownie, Oliver Francis, Spencer, George Matthew – arrived in Port Moresby allegedly without proper instruments, visas, customs clearance, landing permit and quarantine protocols.

Short-term business trip
But Dr Dakulala said yesterday the short-term business trip was all cleared and given exemptions by the government and the Pandemic’s National Control Centre as they were in Port Moresby to present health equipment – PPE.

They were also in town to look at business opportunities and have meetings with counterparts in the country, he said.

Controller Manning also said yesterday that the Chinese business tycoon and his associates’ arrival instruments into PNG were done under very controlled protocols and that nothing was wrong with their travel.

He also said that all measures were observed and that there was nothing wrong with the arrival of this team.

The team left Port Moresby for Vancouver yesterday via Honolulu.

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