Air Niugini putting people first in fight against coronavirus

Air Niugini ... Marape government "will not compromise public, passenger and employee safety". Image: Air Niugini

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Papua New Guinea’s Minister for State Enterprises Sasindran Muthuvel has reassured the nation that Air Niugini is taking all necessary steps to protect the country against the spread of coronavirus, reports EMTV News.

“The airline has instituted a wide range of measures to minimise the risk to the nation, and is constantly monitoring international developments to make sure its precautions are up to date and effective,” he said yesterday.

“The Ministry of State Enterprises, Kumul Consolidated Holdings and Air Niugini are liaising with other departments and agencies in the Marape Government’s fight against coronavirus (the key agency is the National Department of Health).

“This is a whole-of-government exercise, and we are sparing no effort or expense to ensure the safety of Papua New Guineans.”

While the government was trying to protect the commercial interests of Air Niugini, public safety is the paramount consideration.

The stopping or limitating of some flights and compliance with other international action was all part of putting people first, he said.

“The Marape government, KCH and Air Niugini will not compromise public, passenger and employee safety,” minister Muthuvel said.

Air Niugini managing director Alan Milne said the airline is constantly in touch with other national agencies, and is continuously carrying out its own risk assessments to protect passengers and staff.

“If unacceptable risks are identified, we will immediately take the necessary action,” he said.

“We are also monitoring international requirements, which are often difficult and complex, and if necessary Air Niugini will modify its procedures accordingly to ensure compliance.

“Air Niugini will continue to be vigilant in the interest of public safety.”

Republished in partnership with EMTV News.

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