An Australia Day flashback – Other People’s Wars


A 1988 John Pilger documentary, The Last Dream: Other People’s Wars, looks at the complicated relationship that Australians have with war.

A 2015 YouTube viewer’s comment: “Interesting that John spoke highly of New Zealand removing nuclear weapons from its country! But New Zealand, like Australia, has been fighting “other people’s wars” throughout history as well in WWI,WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Afghanistan, and even deployed troops in Iraq and is sending troops now to Iraq to fight covertly.

“Some justice has been given to the Maori but many are still impoverished, represent the prison population, and NZ has a private prison industrial complex, a war on drugs, and also a broken political system like the UK, US,Australia and Canada filled with New Labor and other right-wing parties.

“Snowden’s documents show NZ is heavily involved in an Orwellian spy campaign on us all. NZ is part of the 5 eyes alliance.”

John Pilger’s Australia Day 2015 speech at Green Left

John Pilger: Australia’s day of secrets

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