PNG family kicked out of their home after 46 years – with 24-hour notice

Some of the Gerehu family served an eviction order
Some of the Gerehu family served an eviction order from a three-bedroom unit after more than four decades. Image: PNG Post-Courier

By Claudia Tally in Port Moresby

A Papua New Guinean family who have been renting a property from the National Housing Corporation for the past 46 years have been served with a 24-hour eviction notice by a different owner who had obtained an eviction notice from the Port Moresby District Court.

Yasling Akianang is a former public servant who has been a tenant of the NHC since 1977, occupying the three-bedroom unit in Tamaku Crescent, Gerehu Stage 1.

Akianang said yesterday he was “sad” that he and his family had been given an eviction notice to move out.

He said he had always maintained his rental payments and had called it home for more than four decades.

“I moved into the house in 1977. I have always maintained my direct fortnight deduction rental payment since then.

“No one told me I had any outstanding debts or anything. As far as I know I don’t have any debt,” he said.

“We went to court and because I do not have a title because NHC is the legal title owner I was not able to say anything.”

Eviction notice
The eviction notice was signed by two people noted as joint owners or landlords.

The notice stated, “…hereby serve you a copy of the eviction court order granted by the POM District Court on Wednesday 01st of March 2023.

“Please be advised you are given 24 hours to vacate the property.

“Note that we have also requested police assistance in this matter. Should you fail to comply, police will immediately carry out the eviction exercise forthwith. Your 24 hour notice deadline is at 5 pm 28 March, 2023.”

Today, three generations of the Akianang family occupy the three bedroom unit.

“I have my three children living with me and my grandchildren and my relatives living here too. Where are we going to go, it is my home,” said an emotional Akianang.

The PNG Post-Courier has asked the National Housing Corporation for comment.

Claudia Tally is a PNG Post-Courier journalist. Republished with permission.

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