Crimes NZ: David Robie on the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

Eyes of Fire
The cover page for the Eyes of Fire student journalist project at AUT in 2015 marking "30 years on". Image: David Robie/Rongelap 1985

From RNZ’s Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan

On 10 July 1985, the Greenpeace environmental ship Rainbow Warrior was sunk at an Auckland wharf by two bombs planted on the ship’s hull.

The event is often referred to as the first act of terrorism in New Zealand.

Two French secret agents planted two limpet explosives on the ship while it was berthed at Marsden wharf, one blasting a big hole in the side of the ship’s engineroom and the second explosion killing Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira.

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To help navigate us through this complex web of deceit by France and why they targeted the ship, we speak with David Robie, who was a journalist on board the Rainbow Warrior during her fateful voyage to the Marshall Islands and Rongelap atoll.

David is currently an AUT professor of journalism and communication studies, as well as the director of the campus’ Pacific Media Centre. He is also author of Eyes of Fire, a book on the last voyage of the Rainbow Warrior.

Eyes of Fire – the book at Little Island Press

Eyes of Fire – Thirty years on – the student project website

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