Madang’s local tourism women traders badly hit by virus pandemic

Madang vendors
Madang women vendors ... slashed prices but no tourist customers to buy their handicrafts. Image: EMTV News

By Martha Louis in Madang

A group of Papua New Guinean women who sell crafts at Madang’s famous Haus Kaving outside the Madang Resort have been badly hit by the covid-19 global pandemic.

The women told EMTV News they are no longer able to earn their daily income because of no customers.

They are calling on the national government through the tourism sector to come up with a plan on how to address tourism during the state of emergency (SOE) period.

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EMTV visited Haus Kaving outside of Madang Resort where these women are based at selling their handiwork to locals and tourists, seeing first-hand how covid-19 has affected their business. Most of their products are sold to resort guests, mostly tourists.

These small entrepreneurs had slashed their prices because there are no customers to buy their handicrafts.

The women say their business is in the tourism sector, and there should be a plan to help sustain their craft business during this period.

Despite the impact covid-19 has on their business these women remain optimistic keeping the Haus Kaving alive and remain determined by putting out their products whether or not they have customers.

Papua New Guinea has eight confirmed covid-19 cases.

Martha Louis is EMTV’s Madang reporter. The Pacific Media Centre republishes EMTV News stories with permission.

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