Tropical Cyclone Harold: Aerial footage shows Vanuatu destruction


The Guardian’s Pacific Project disaster video.

By the Pacific Project

Tropical Cyclone Harold lashed Vanuatu, ripping off roofs and downing telecommunications, before moving towards Fiji and Tonga.

The powerful cyclone made landfall on Monday in Sana province, an island north of Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila, with winds as high as 235 kilometres an hour.

Aerial videos showed buildings with missing roofs, with some flattened to the ground from the impact of the cyclone.

The weather system weakened slightly as it moved towards Fiji but still brought high winds and flooding before moving towards Tonga.

This video is from The Guardian’s Pacific Project supported by the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas. Footage sourced from Dan McGarry, Reuters, Lisi Naziah Tora Ali-Krishna & Nuku’alofa 88.6FM

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