#I’llridewithyou, West Papua – three women who speak out

Speaking out on West Papua ... risky, you could end up in jail, or worse. Image: Belinda Lopez/ABC

Pacific Media Watch

After the 2014 Lindt cafe bombing in Sydney, the social media hashtag #illridewithyou went viral in solidarity.

At the same time, three women in Jakarta were trying to work out how to make people care about terrible events in remote West Papua–  a highly sensitive topic in Indonesia.

This is the story of what happened to the women who decided to speak out.

Featured on Earshot with Miyuki Jokiranta at the ABC’s Radio National.

LISTEN: Three women speak out on West Papua

Report: Belinda Lopez
Veronica Koman – Human rights lawyer
Zely Ariane – Activist
Dorkas Kossay – West Papuan student activist

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