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Pacific Media Centre’s Bearing Witness climate project postgraduate student team Hele Ikimotu and Blessen Tom have just spent five days on the northern Fiji volcanic island of Rabi.

As Ikimotu, himself a Rabi Islander, reports: “The island’s inhabitants are the Banabans, who were forcibly relocated to Rabi in 1945 due to the destruction of their island from phosphate mining. The people kept the four villages of Banaba and brought them with them to Rabi – Buakonikai, Tabwewa, Tabiang and Uma.”

Here are some of the images from Ikimotu and Tom’s visit to the island.

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SOURCEBearing Witness
Hele Ikimotu is a Niuean and Banaban-Gilbertese journalist and NGO worker who graduated with Bachelor of Communication Studies (Journalism) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies at Auckland University of Technology. Hele has a passion and interest for Pacific journalism, especially regarding arts and culture.