Get rid of untrusted ‘public serpents’ in PNG, says Juffa

Oro Governor Gary Juffa ... many civil servants "cannot be trusted". Image: LoopPNG

By Freddy Mou in Port Moresby

Oro Governor Garry Juffa has branded some public servants in the province as “public serpents”.

Juffa, when talking to Popondetta Secondary School students yesterday, urged students to become a “changer” in the province and become public servants and not “public serpents”.

He said public servants in Papua New Guinea’s Northern province were like fleas who always jumped two meters to another location when efforts were made captured them.

“Our public service machineries are really disorganised and cannot be trusted,” he said.

He added that the administration needed an overhaul and an input of new young energetic leaders was needed to get the public machinery in the province to another level.

Juffa said he could not sack public servants as they were protected by the Public Services Management Act. He called on relevant authorities to look into the matter.

He also said that among the “public serpents” were good public servants who should be commended for doing a good job.

Freddy Mou is a journalist with Loop PNG.

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