New Fijian Media Association president says ‘upskilling journos’ a priority

FMA president Nemani Delaibatiki ... young journalists are a good sign for the future. Image: FBC News

Nemani Delaibatiki of the Fiji Sun has been elected the new president of the Fijian Media Association (FMA) and says first on his agenda is to “upskill” journalists.

When he was appointed at the FMA’s annual general meeting last night, Delaibatiki told members he would like to do more training for local journalists.

“I notice tonight we’ve got a very young group of journalists and that is a good sign for the future, that’s something we can build on, but training is absolutely important.”

Delaibatiki takes over as FMA president from the current Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre communication officer Ricardo Morris, previously founding editor of Republika.

Elenoa Masi Baselala of the Fiji Times was elected vice-president.

Other elected FMA members include:

  • Stanley Ian Simpson of Business Melanesia was unopposed to the position of general secretary
  • Geraldine Panapasa of Fiji Times is the assistant general secretary
  • Makereta Komai of the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) is the elected treasurer
  • Tokasa Rainima of the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) was unopposed to the position of assistant treasurer
  • Geoffrey Smith of Fiji TV is the elected TV rep
  • Ropate Valemei of Fiji Times was unopposed to the position of print rep
  • Peni Shute of Newswire was unopposed to the position of online rep
  • Karai Koroi of FBC was unopposed to the position of radio rep
  • Lice Movono Rova was unopposed to the position of freelance rep
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