Otago Foreign Policy School tackles digital media political challenges

A three-day Otago Foreign Policy School at the weekend focused on "Global Politics: From State to Social Media''.

The Otago Foreign Policy School next month will explore the complex and evolving interaction between government policy making and “old” and “new” forms of news media.

Organisers of the “Global Politics: From State to Social Media” (51st Otago Foreign Policy School) conference have lined up a range of national and overseas speakers.

Academics working in the field of media and politics as well as veteran journalist Mike McRoberts, Maramena Roderick (head of news, Māori Television), independent investigative journalist Nicky Hager, senior foreign corespondent Luke Harding (The Guardian), and professor David Robie, editor of the Pacific Media Centre’s Asia Pacific Report, will engage with a very diversified and active audience that includes students, policymakers, diplomats and members of the public.

The school will be held at St Margaret’s College on the university’s Dunedin campus from the evening of Friday July 1 until Sunday July 3.

Topics to be explored range from broader overarching issues such as:

  • what is communication today,
  • the role played by “old” and “new” media in international strategic narratives,
  • public diplomacy,
  • the effects of foreign news on international affairs,
  • how new media technology have empowered non-state actors (digital activism).

The school will also feature a roundtable discussion on the Panama Papers and whistleblower journalism.

The programme

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