Unity Group says it has the numbers for government in Vanuatu

Some of the participants in the Unity Group meeting on Pele Island. Image: Matai Seremiah/Facebook.

The Unity Political Group, currently camping on Pele island in Vanuatu, is concentrating on developing its Joint Policy Platform including an 100 Days Plan in its bid to form the new government, say reliable sources.

The sources say the presentation on the Joint Policy Platform has happened and the Leaders entered negotiations on the sharing of portfolios, including that of the Speaker of Parliament, Deputy Speakers, Prime Minister and other Ministerial portfolios.

The sources told the Vanuatu Daily Post that all 11 political parties, leaders and representatives who signed the MOA in Port Vila last week were all present on Pele yesterday.

“We have all 11 political parties that signed the agreement (MOA) last week here on Pele with their MPs and representatives here also today [Tuesday],” they said.

“We aim to form a new government on Thursday this week when Parliament meets.”

Asked what numbers the group had as of Tuesday, they replied: “The political group on Pele have the numbers to form the new government tomorrow”.

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