The PMC Project – a Pacific Media Centre profile


From the Pacific Media Centre

A short documentary by Alistar Kata

In 2009, a short video was made by AUT television students John Pulu and Sophie Johnson about the work of the Pacific Media Centre.

Now a new programme, a 15min documentary by Pacific Media Watch project contributing editor Alistar Kata has been made.

Dubbed The PMC Project, it is a compelling video about the student journalists and staff involved and their research and media reports.

Among the people interviewed are founding PMC director Dr David Robie; award-winning documentary maker Jim Marbrook; graduating postgraduate student KP Lew, who was in internship in Fiji last year; and Alistar herself – and many others are featured.

The people tell their inspiring story themselves. Quote:

“The centre is quite unique in that it was actually founded as both a research unit and media producer. We have the PMC online itself, which has a range of news and current affairs resources, but then we also have an industry partnership with Pacific Scoop and we’re also about to start a new one called Asia Pacific Report. We also do research publications, we publish PJR… plus we have internships, we send our students from the centre around the Pacific, and also in the Asian region as well to work for media internships and so on. We run a very good monitoring service, the Pacific Media Watch service.”

Reporter/Editor: Alistar Kata, contributing editor of the Pacific Media Centre’s Pacific Media Watch project.

Special thanks to:
Pacific Media Centre
School of Communication Studies, AUT
Dr David Robie
Jim Marbrook
KP Lew

Credits include:
Asia Pacific Report
Cap Bocage documentary
Del Abcede
Florent Erisouké
Mads Anneberg
Niklas Pedersen
Pacific Scoop
Selwyn Manning
Te Waha Nui
Victor Mambor and Tabloid Jubi

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