Buttu debunks Israeli ‘myths’ about Gaza siege – ‘vital to break it’

Geneva Convention 1949
Geneva Convention 1949 . . . "Instead, what Israel has done is create a system of blockade and closure," says lawyer Diana Buttu. Image: Freedom Flotilla screen shot APR

Kia Ora Gaza

An international lawyer and former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), Diana Buttu, says it is a myth that the siege on Gaza began in 2006/2007.

She has explained in a Gaza Freedom Flotilla video released on YouTube that Israel’s control and closure on Gaza started decades earlier.

The Israeli military closed Gaza off from the world, continuously ignoring international law and diplomatic efforts to end the blockade, making this current genocide possible, said Buttu, a Palestinian-Canadian.

Buttu argued that this made global efforts to break the siege on Gaza — foremost among them, the Freedom Flotilla—all the more imperative.

“Look, the Israeli logic when it comes to Palestinians, is that what won’t be learned with force, will only be learned with more force.” she said.

“One of the most important things right now is to break that siege and break that blockade”.

Israel ‘could turn off the tap’
She also said: “The reason why they [Israel] could turn off the tap, so to speak, was because of the fact that they had been maintaining such a brutal siege and blockade on the Gaza Strip.

“Add that together, and you can see that the impact and the intent is genocide.’

Kia Ora Gaza is the Aotearoa New Zealand affiliated member of the international Freedom Flotilla collective and several Kiwi participants are taking part.

Among them are Auckland activists Youssef Sammour and Rana Hamida who left New Zealand last Sunday to join the volunteer crew on the international Freedom Flotilla ship Handala.

A message from Rana to their supporters:

Auckland activists Youssef Sammour and Rana Hamida
Auckland activists Youssef Sammour and Rana Hamida being farewelled at Auckland International Airport on the first stage of their protest waka last Sunday. Image: Rana Hamida/Freedom Flotilla

Currently about to head to the airport to take the last flight to La Rochelle, France, where we will be joining the Freedom Flotilla Coalition ship Handala.

Please share and keep an eye on the waka.

The more you are courageous to follow up and open your eyes — the safer the mission is.

A mission guided by love to all human beings.

Guided by the deep knowing of the equally vital solidarity with those the most in need of it.

Acknowledge your role — it’s time.

More updates as we go.

  • Republished in collaboration with Kia Ora Gaza.

Diana Buttu on the Biggest Myth About Israel’s Siege of Gaza.  Video: Freedom Flotilla

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