‘Conserve energy’ plea to Fiji as Monasavu, Nadarivatu dams run low

Fiji's Nadarivatu dam
Fiji's Nadarivatu dam . . . at risk of shutdown due to low rainfall. Image: Hydroreview/Fiji Times

By Anish Chand in Suva

Energy Fiji Ltd (EFL) has warned that the Monasavu and Nadarivatu hydropower schemes may need to shut down if it does not rain after October.

In a message to customers, EFL said the Monasavu dam had been experiencing below-average rainfall over the past few months from November 22 to April 23.

“These months are typically our rainy period,” the statement read.

“This low rainfall has contributed to the declining dam and water level at Monasavu as well as impacted to some level the Nadarivatu hydro scheme.

“If this low or nil rainfall continues in the upcoming dry period from May to October 23, then this can lead to the Monasavu and Nadarivatu hydropower schemes to operate at critically low water level and may need to be shut down eventually in the next few months.

“EFL is urging all its valued customers to use electricity wisely and conserve energy.”

Anish Chand is a Fiji Times journalist. Republished with permission.

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