Pacific Climate Warrior on what the latest IPCC report means for the region

Climate Change 2022
Climate Change 2022 ... no surprises. but more urgency for the Pacific. Image: Cover detail/Alisa Singer

The United Nations chief scientific agency on climate change released its latest report on Monday.

The IPCC Working Group II report on climate impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability says man-made climate change is causing unprecedented damage to the natural environment and the livelihoods of billions of people.

It also says global warming is set to rise beyond 1.5 deg C by 2040 unless the world commits to drastically reduce its carbon emissions from the use of fossil fuels.

For nations on the frontlines in the Pacific the consequences will be disastrous with an increase in climate hazards such as sea-level rise, more frequent and severe extreme weather events including flooding, and droughts.

350 Pacific Climate Warriors council of elders member Brianna Fruean says the findings in the report are not new for the region.

Fruean is a prominent youth voice in international climate advocacy and spoke to RNZ Pacific’s regional correspondent Kelvin Anthony about what the report means for Pacific people.

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The Climate Change 2022 report
The Climate Change 2022 … the full report.
Tarawa street scene with king tide, Friday 30 August 2019.
Tarawa street scene with a king tide on Friday, 30 August 2019. Image: Pelenise Alofa/KiriCAN
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