PNG doctor from Daru Hospital dies from covid-19

Dr Daoni
PNG's Dr Esorom Daoni ... “Daru Hospital has lost three people to covid-19 in less than two weeks." Image: Loop PNG

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A Papua New Guinean doctor evacuated from Daru in Western Province to Port Moresby last Tuesday has died – the latest medical person to succumb to the covid-19 pandemic in the country, reports The National.

The doctor was flown to Port Moresby after she suffered severe distress, according to Deputy Controller of the National Pandemic Response Dr Esorom Daoni .

“Daru Hospital has lost three people to the covid-19 in less than two weeks,” he said.

“These are people who are still in their prime age, but that is what the covid-19 does.”

There are 18,808 confirmed cases of covid-19 in Papua New Guinea with health workers making up 9 percent, or 1705.

A number of them have died.

He said there was a possibility it could be the delta variant which was spreading in Western Province.

“Unless it is proven otherwise, we can say that (her death) is due to the delta variant because the virus spreads fast and is deadlier for those with comorbidities and the elderly,” he said.

Dr Daoni reminded people around the country to follow public health safety rules: washing of hands, covering of mouth when coughing, avoiding crowded places, and physical distancing by 1.5 metres in public places such as markets and shops.

“When you protect yourself from diseases like covid-19 by following the health measures, you are not only looking after yourself and your loved ones but also protecting people who would look after you – the health workers,” Dr Daoni said.

Daru Hospital chief executive officer Dr Niko Wuatai said the hospital was preparing wards in case of a large number of admissions.

He said Daru was experiencing a third wave of the pandemic. As of Tuesday, the hospital had reported 89 positive cases in two weeks.

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