Tahitian academic says Paris must pay for impacts of French nuclear tests

Moruroa files
Moruroa Files ... an investigation into French nuclear tests in the Pacific with more than 2000 declassified French documents. Image: APR screenshot

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A Tahitian academic living in Auckland whose family and home island of Mangareva were impacted on by three decades of French nuclear weapons tests says Paris must pay for the full extent of health and other damage caused.

Ena Manuireva is a doctoral candidate at Auckland University of Technology.

He responds to RNZ’s Koroi Hawkins about the recent revelations by the Moruroa Files investigation and a new book, Toxique, that the impact of the the 193 nuclear tests in Polynesia was far worse than previously admitted by French authorities.

Ena Manuireva
Ena Manuireva … doctoral research on the nuclear testing impact on the Gambiers.

On a more personal level a Tahitian whose family and home island was impacted by French nuclear weapons tests says Paris must pay for the full extent of the fallout.

Maururu Ena, thanks for joining us on the show. So you were born in Mangareva in 1967 just one year after the French started testing nuclear weapons in French Polynesia?


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Moruroa atoll 6 June 2000
Part of Moruroa atoll four years after the French nuclear testing was halted in 1996. Almost all the installations that sheltered up to 3000 people for 30 years have been dismantled , giving the natural vegetation a chance to grow again. Image: Eric Feferberg/AFP/RNZ
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