Tragic life and death of Jenelyn – babysitter tells of PNG torture case

Jenelyn Kennedy
Jenelyn Kennedy ... died this week at 19 in a tragic domestic violence case in Papua New Guinea. Image: EMTV News

By EMTV News

Jenelyn Kennedy eloped with her partner at a tender age of 15, bore him his first child at age of 16, and died at age 19 – allegedly at the hands of the very person she thought she loved and would take good care of her.

It’s a tragedy no parent would want to share.

Horrifying details have been revealed about this week’s cruel death of a Papua New Guinean teenager that has shocked a nation.

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Jenelyn Kennedy’s close friend and babysitter, Rachael Ipang, has talked to EMTV News about the tragedy.

She has told how Jenelyn silently suffered torture allegedly at the hands of the father of her two children and died a painful death – and not even the five young men alleged to have lived in the house at the time could stop this.

Jenelyn Kennedy eloped with her partner in 2016 and her grandfather and uncle searched for her everywhere. When they found her and reported this to police, no action was taken.

She was taken away as his wife.

Broken arm, bruised face
She never returned home until October last year with a broken arm and bruised face.

Her uncle Dickson Karava, who had searched for her when she first eloped, said when Jenelyn returned home in October, she had with her two babies and there was not much he could say.

He said he just hugged her and took her in.

But she returned to the partner and had escaped three times since then and she had been taken to safe houses in different parts of Port Moresby.

When told to report the matter to the police, Jenelyn usually discouraged her uncles from trying.

Uncle Sepoe Karava said she told them that the partner’s family had got “long hands”. They had their own police and soldiers and said even if the matter was reported, no action would be taken.

The only person who witnessed her life with the partner was the babysitter, her childhood friend Rachael Ipang.

Tears over final moments
Ipang recounts the final moments with late Jenelyn and sheds a few tears.

She alleged the partner had five chains in the room, had tied Jenelyn up and used pliers, screwdrivers, bottles, and knives to torture her.

Her death allegedly resulted from the torture that started last Thursday with non-stop beatings, all done in closed doors.

PM James Marape
PNG Prime Minister James Marape … “I offer my sympathies to the family of the innocent beautiful child.” Image: PNG Post-Courier

While a private doctor was called to the house on Monday, no alarms were even raised by this doctor. She attended to the victim and left, said the babysitter.

Jenelyn succumbed to her injuries in the early hours of Tuesday morning. That is when the beatings stopped and no noise came from the room, according to Ipang.

Prime Minister James Marape has called for “effective prosecution” for the killing of an “innocent beautiful girl”, reports PNG Post-Courier.

‘Don’t hide behind culture’
“I call for all witnesses of crime, including domestic violence, don’t hide behind culture, compensation and tribal embrace, let us all assist prosecuting lawlessness and violence.”

Marape said no amount of compensation would cover the death but justice must be served.

“I offer my sympathies to the family of the innocent beautiful child,” he said.

The postmortem of Jenelyn Kennedy took place today at the Erima Funeral Home.

Bhosip Kaiwi, who was in police custody, has been charged with one count of wilful murder.

The charge does not allow for bail, and Kaiwi will have to apply for bail in the National Court. Other charges are expected, police said.

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  1. PNG, We already have the suspect in Police custody…..Now we Need to Stand together and Demand for the Private Doctor who attended to late Jenenyn at the Suspects Home to be arrested and Charge for not raising the alarm…

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