New Zealanders commemorate Anzac Day under lockdown rules

Anzac Day 2020
Anzac Day 2020 under New Zealand's coronavirus lockdown ... Trudie Mulligan's Anzac display. Image: Trudie Mulligan/RNZ

By RNZ News

New Zealanders are commemorating Anzac Day all around the country in an unique way today.

Services around the country have been shelved and veterans will not be able to join together because of the covid-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions.

However, that has not stopped people – young and old – from preparing to get up early and celebrate in their own unique way.

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The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, commemorated Anzac Day from the front gate of Premier House in Wellington at 6am this morning.

She said this Anzac Day had a special significance because it marked the 75th anniversary since the end of World War II.

Ardern said it was a time to reflect on the contribution made by each and every New Zealander who has served in war and conflict.

“This year a new threat faces all nations as the impact of the coronavirus deepens worldwide,” she said.

“As we face these significant challenges, we remember the courage of those who have served in the name of peace and justice.”

People can share their Anzac Day pictures with

Playing the bugle
Tim Cook playing the bugle at dawn on Anzac Day. Image: Dom Thomas/RNZ
Let's Not Forget
Let’s Not Forget – Anzac Day 2020. Image: Stand At Dawn/RSA


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