Indonesian security chief belittles Papua political prisoners document

Mahfud MD ... "not interested" in further examining the document containing data on Papuan political prisoners. Image: Antara

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Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Security, Politics and Legal Affairs Mahfud MD says he is not interested in further examining the document containing data on Papuan political prisoners and people who have died due to the conflict in Nduga, Papua, because it is “incomplete”, reports CNN Indonesia.

Mahfud claims that the government already has more complete information along with biographies.

The document referred to by Mahfud was given to him by a representative of the University of Indonesia Student Representative Council (BEM UI) when he attended an event at the university last month.

“There’s no need to examine it. If indeed it exists, the data is also held by the authorised government office. It just an infographic, we have a more complete list, a list of biographies,” said Mahfud at the presidential office last week.

Mahfud said he was not going to get upset about the BEM UI’s disappointment over his attitude. He insisted that the document only contained names without detailed explanations on the cases which are taken up.

Meanwhile, said Mahfud, police already had the data.

“You gave us a list of names of political prisoners, they may well be just common criminals. All of it has been recorded by Polri [the Indonesian police], it’s not there [in the document], just inconsequential things. It’s already been recorded by the police, why did you give us a thing like that,” he said.

Only names, ages cited
Mahfud however also claimed he could not confirm if the names of the victims in the document from BEM UI had already been recorded by police, saying that the data handed over by BEM UI was incomplete.

According to Mahfud, the police would check and reconcile the names against the data they already had.

“They (BEM UI) only cited the names and ages. Later it will be checked by the police to confirm if there is a legal bases or if indeed they are criminals or political prisoners, Papuans or not. All of it will defiantly be accounted for,” he said.

Earlier, the BEM UI admitted to being disappointed by Mahfud’s attitude over the documents containing the names of Papuan political prisoners.

They said that Mahfud’s attitude when he accepted the documents at the UI campus was different from his attitude off campus.

Off campus, Mahfud referred to the Papua document as just being a document and not of any consequence.

Meanwhile, when BEM UI handing the documents over directly to Mahfud at UI he examined them and glanced over the document’s contents.

Translated by James Balowski for Indoleft News. The original title of the article was “Tak Periksa Data Papua, Mahfud Klaim Punya yang Lebih Lengkap”.

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