Search goes on for missing Indonesian military Mi-17 helicopter in Papua

A satellite photo displaying the search area for a missing MI17 helicopter. Image: Cendrawasih Military Command/Jakarta Post

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The search for the missing Indonesian military Mi-17 helicopter, which disappeared on Friday, continues around the Mol and Aprok mountains near Jayapura, Papua, Jakarta news media reported today.

“We are currently searching over ground and air, with a helicopter unit dispatched as well,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Chandra Dianto of the Jayawijaya Military Command as quoted by Antara.

The search was halted yesterday afternoon and was expected to be continued today, reported the Jakarta Post.

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The ground team had climbed the Mol and Aprok mountains and reached 762m above sea level.

Chandra also said that the air search had covered the route the Mi-17 had used to return from Oksibil.

“There’s no sign of the Mi-17 as of now,” Chandra added.

The local air traffic control lost contact with the Mi-17 helicopter at the same time as a cumulonimbus cloud suddenly appeared over the district of Oksibil in the Bintang mountains, according to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), region V, of Jayapura.

A cumulonimbus cloud is considered dangerous as it possesses elements that could disrupt flights.

The Mi-17, registration number HA-5138, carried 12 passengers and air crew who were assigned to Okibab prior to the incident. The flight was carrying supplies for on-duty soldiers in the region.

RNZ News reported that rescue efforts were focused on the mountainous Pegunungan Bintang regency on the Papua New Guinea border.

A military spokesperson, Muhammad Aidi, said four helicopters and a surveillance aircraft are being sent out today.

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