Guam legalises recreational marijuana for ‘safer society’

Marijuana Bill 32 ... narrowly passed a vote in the legislature. Image: RNZ

By RNZ Pacific

Guam has passed a law legalising recreational use of marijuana.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero signed off on Bill 32 on Thursday, after it narrowly passed a vote in the legislature.

Adults 21 years and older can own up to three mature cannabis plants and possess up to 1 ounce (28 gm) of the drug but cannot use it in public places or while driving.

Guerrero said regulated and controlled access to marijuana would make Guam a safer place.

“We must regulate this illicit drug that is the most widely used drug in our society,” she said.

“We have to take it and control it, monitor its use and its effects, benefit from its medicinal efforts. Allow our people to live in a safer environment.”

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