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“How your newspaper gets to you” … Vanuatu Daily Press press rolling with the day’s news. Video: VDP

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The Vanuatu Daily Post, only daily newspaper in Vanuatu, and a leading champion of a free press in the South Pacific, has posted a video of its printing press in action in Port Vila.

It is a rare insight into small press publishing in the region. The video of the Seattle-manufactured Web Leader has been posted on the newspaper’s social media to inform readers.

Launched in 1993 as The Trading Post, the newspaper quickly established itself as a pioneer of freedom of press in Vanuatu and has broken practically every major news story first since its launch by English-born publisher Marc Neil-Jones.

The publisher faced enormous difficulties in the early years and was subject to deportation, jailing and assaults.

However, those days have passed on, the newspaper reports on its website and has had local Ni-Vanuatu editors since 2003.

Currently the editor is award-winning Jane Joshua, backed up by the group media director Dan McGarry.

“As Vanuatu’s largest privately owned media company, employing nearly 50 people, Trading Post Ltd has successfully moved in publishing the official tourism newspaper of the Vanuatu Tourism office called What To Do In Vanuatu and has launched a popular radio station called 96 BUZZ FM,” the paper says.

Vanuatu Daily Post is a successful and profitable newspaper and is consistently been the first choice for all advertising in Vanuatu.”

The striking Vanuatu Daily Post logo.
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