Radio 531pi’s Brian Sagala talks nuke-free Pacific with David Robie

Islanders with their belongings approach the Rainbow Warrior. Nuclear fallout made living on Rongelap Atoll hazardous for this community. Image: David Robie/Eyes Of Fire

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Radio 531pi Breakfast Talanoa host Brian Sagala has talked about the Rarotonga Treaty with Pacific Media Centre director Professor David Robie.

“It was hugely significant for the Pacific. It was sort of like a threshold for the Pacific really standing up to the big powers and predated New Zealand’s nuclear-free law,” says Dr Robie.

“It was a huge step forward. It was not only a declaration against France, which was detonating nuclear weapons at the time, but also against the US and Britain that had also conducted many nuclear tests in the Pacific.”

LISTEN HERE: Brian Sagala and David Robie on 531pi

The South Pacific Nuclear Free Pacific Zone Treaty 33 years ago ushered in a radical era for the Pacific, which predated NZ’s own nuclear-free law.

Dr Robie also talks about the Rainbow Warrior’s humanitarian voyage to Rongelap to help the islanders move to another home across the Pacific Ocean. He is the author of the book Eyes of Fire about nuclear testing in the Pacific.

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