Presidential hopeful Prabowo urges people to accept election bribes

Former Kopassus general Prabowo Subianto
Former Kopassus general Prabowo Subianto ... declared victory in Indonesia's presidential election this week after unofficial polls gave him at least 57 percent on the vote. Image: Politik

Pacific Media Centre Newsdesk

Greater Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra) chairperson Prabowo Subianto is encouraging people accept electoral bribes if they are offered basic commodities (sembako) or money in the lead up to the June 27 election of regional heads.

According to Prabowo, sembako or financial bribes are something that the people are basically entitled to, reports Tempo.

The former Special Forces (Kopassus) commander says he is sure that the money used for bribes is haram (illegitimate) which has been taken from money that the public are entitled to.

“It’s not possible that such money is halal (legitimate), it’s impossible, impossible. It must originate from money [belonging to] the Indonesian nation. So I encourage people that if sembako is given out, they’re given money, just accept it because that is the people’s right”, said Prabowo in video uploaded on his official Facebook account on Thursday June 21.

He and his party are unable to bribe voters with money or sembako because they don’t have enough money. Prabowo questioned those who often bribe people for their vote on the origins of the money and food.

‘Use your conscience’
Despite encouraging people to accept such gifts, Prabowo call on the public not to be influenced by this in voting for a candidate.

“On election day, in front of the polling booth, use your conscience, vote in accordance with your heart and mind.”

Prabowo also appealed to Gerindra party cadre have confidence in their own abilities, to stand on their own feed and not easily give up.

In addition to this, Prabowo said that Gerindra needs public donations to assist in covering the political costs of the 2018 simultaneous regional elections.

He announced that the funds collected from the general public would be used to pay for witnesses during the vote count. “We need help.
Help with expenses to pay for the activities of our party cadre which will be going around the villages, we need money to pay for our witnesses’ food on voting day”, he said.

Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the article was “Prabowo Anjurkan Masyarakat Terima Uang Suap Menjelang Pilkada”.

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