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Tropical Cyclone Gita might be slowing moving away from Samoa but the danger is far from over and a state of disaster has been declared.

Gita, which has been lashing both Samoa and American Samoa with torrential rain and damaging winds, was upgraded to a category two as it caused flooding, landslides and blocked roads, reports Radio NZ.

The Samoa Observer reports police have warned people to take extra care.

“We urge members of the public to remain vigilant as we are experiencing rough weather due to cyclone Gita,” a police statement said in Apia.

“We advise families to remain indoors and not drive around Apia town area or near bridges and rivers. Flooding remains effective for all areas of Samoa.

“Overflowing rivers should not be crossed and we urge drivers not to put their lives or others at risk by trying to do so.”

Pictures of Cyclone Gita are from the Samoa Metereological Division.

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