The Daily Blog: Why we’re giving 13 NZ political parties a ‘fair go’ tonight


Kiwi Fair Go Debate #KiwiFairGo – tonight at 8pm.

OPINION: By Martyn Bradbury of The Daily Blog

I love New Zealand’s democracy. It’s representative, it allows for indigenous political representation and it gives everyone the chance to have a say whether they are a citizen or permanent resident.

Kiwi Fair Go Debate

What annoys me is our media coverage of that democracy. I believe that the mainstream media do an appalling job of giving you – the voter – real choice by limiting political parties from appearing in their debates.

Did you know that we have 16 Political Parties competing in this election?

Tonight from 8pm, live streamed at The Daily Blog and on , I will interview 13 political parties to hear what they think the big issues of our country are and how they intend to solve them.

I will be joined by The Daily Blog panel of unionist Kate Davis and political commentator Curwen Rolinson to review the answers.

We also have a guest Twitter Panel tonight using the hashtag #KiwiFairGo with Twitter commentators The NonPlastic Māori, Jo Bond and LaQuisha St Redfern.

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