GALLERY: By Kendall Hutt in Suva

The University of the South Pacific in Fiji has a colourful market which happens in the third week of every month for four days. Locals and students are both welcome.

There is music, food and clothes stalls, and also books and accessories at Suva’s Laucala Campus.

I snapped some photos while Julie Cleaver got b-roll for the climate change mini documentary we’re making.

We have several interviews lined up today, so watch for our stories over the next couple of days.

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SOURCEBearing Witness Project
Kendall Hutt is Pacific Media Watch freedom project contributing editor 2017. A graduate journalist from Auckland University of Technology, she also completed her Honours year in Communication Studies. Kendall was on the Pacific Media Centre's 2016 Asia-Pacific Journalism Studies course. Kendall is interested in political and climate change journalism, and runs her own television and film review blog. In December 2017, Kendall took up a job with the North Shore Times.