Cinema Pasifika – Episode 5: Painim Aut


Report from Cinema Pasifika

Cinema Pasifika is a new series of programmes showcasing short films from the Pacific Islands region being screened by Australia Plus for the past two weeks and into next month.

In this fifth episode from Papua New Guinea, Painim Aut, Esther is a teenager living in a village in Simbu Province.

She begins to drift apart from her family when her friendship with Jimmy, a boy working at the supermarket, develops into something more.

After hearing that another one of his girlfriends is HIV positive she worries that she might also have the virus.

This thoughtful and challenging production was made by the students from the Centre for Social Communications and Media in Goroka, Papua New Guinea.

About Cinema Pasifika
The international television channel Australia Plus recently launched Cinema Pasifika, a new series of five half hour programmes, showcasing short films from the Pacific Islands region.

This new series celebrates a range of diverse and unique cinematic voices and each of the short films are followed by short interviews with filmmakers about their creative inspirations, influences and their plans for the future.

It is hoped that funding can be found to turn this series into a DVD for use in schools and universities throughout the Pacific region.

This new TV series was developed following the completion of a research report by the Pacific Community (SPC) titled: “Cinema Pasifika: developing the narrative film and television sector in the Pacific Island region”.

This report, which was produced by Flinch Marketing, found that the Pacific Islands region could generate significant economic, cultural and social benefits by supporting the development of a sustainable film and television industry. ​

The Cinema Pasifika series was developed as a pro bono project by Flinch Marketing and we would like to give special thanks to all the participating filmmakers and the following people who supported this initiative: Laisiasa Dave Lavaki (series editor); Meli Tuqota (series titles); Rako Pasefika (series music); and Elise Huffer (SPC).

Other films in the Cinema Pasifika series:
Episode 1: Va Tapuia (Sacred Spaces) directed by Tusi Tamasese (Samoa).
Screening: 21 Jan, 7.30pm PNG time

Episode 2. Hans Up! Buai O Laip Blong Yu! Hands Hands Up! Your Betel Nut or Your Life! by Emmanuel Narakobi (Papua New Guinea). Screening: 28 Jan, 7.30pm PNG time

Episode 3. Zori by Jack Niedenthal & Suzanne Chutaro (Marshall Islands).
Screening: 4 Feb, 7.30pm PNG time

Episode 4. Envy by Clarence Dass (Fiji).
Screening: 11 Feb, 7.30pm PNG time

Episode 5. Painim Aut produced by the Centre for Social and Creative Media (Papua New Guinea).
Screening: 18 Feb, 7.30pm PNG time

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