Evening Report’s Selwyn Manning talks to David Robie on Rainbow Warrior


A rich account of the events surrounding the Rainbow Warrior affair three decades ago.

Interview: With Dr David Robie
Interviewer: Selwyn Manning
Date: July 8, 2015

Subject: 30 years since the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior and

Launch of David Robie’s book Eyes of Fire (fifth edition)

Eyes of Fire publisher Little Island Press: littleisland.co.nz/books/eyes-fire

Eyes of Fire microsite: eyes-of-fire.littleisland.co.nz

EveningReport.nz run sheet and programme:

Welcome to Evening Report. This Friday, July 10 marks 30 years since French DGSE operatives exploded two bombs destroying the Greenpeace flagship…. the Rainbow Warrior at Marsden Wharf in Auckland harbour. And on Friday July 10, journalist and academic Dr David Robie will launch the fifth edition of his book, Eyes of Fire.

The book is a rich account of the events surrounding the Rainbow Warrior affair.

And earlier today he joined me to discuss Eyes of Fire… why he was onboard the vessel on its last journey through the Pacific, his enduring memories of the time, and what lessons the Rainbow Warrior affair offers us now and in the future.

Transcript summary

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SOURCEEvening Report
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