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Associate Professor Camille Nakhid is from Trinidad and Tobago and is in the School of Social Sciences at Auckland University of Technology. She has a BSc in Chemistry from New York, and completed a Diploma in Secondary Teaching in Chemistry and Mathematics, a Masters in Education Administration (Hons), and a Doctor of Education (EdD) in New Zealand. Camille's research interests include: the sociology of education; the social construction of identity; appropriate research methodologies for marginalised and minority groups; race and ethnicity; and Māori and Pasifika academic achievement. She is chair of the Pacific Media Centre Advisory Board.

Laura Lyons is a 48-year-old Wiradjuri woman living in Sydney. She alleges that three of her children as well as four of her grandchildren...

By Dr Camille Nakhid A group of Indigenous Australian grandmothers have organised themselves to stop the Australian government from taking away Indigenous children from their...